Dental prosthesis

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Prosthesis goal is to restore chewing function and aesthetic look. Usually dental prosthesis is required when tooth crown is affected by caries, teeth are sealed with large sealants or when teeth are worn or they are lost.


Over clinic performs dental prosthesis with all kind of prosthesis:

  • Micro-prosthesis (inlays, onlays).
  • One tooth prosthesis attached to the crown (metal ceramic, metal-free ceramics, zirconium oxide ceramics crowns).
  • When one or more teeth are missing, bridges are fixed.
  • In a case of severe teeth defects, plates or arc supporting prosthesis (removable) are fixed.
  • We also attach prosthesis to implants.


Fixed dental prosthesis are firmly fixed to teeth and there is no need to remove them. Fixed prostheses are crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. In our clinic we offer prostheses of metal ceramics, metal-free ceramics and zirconium oxide as well as porcelain inlays and onlays.

Metal ceramics

Metal ceramics prosthesis basis is made of metal which is covered with ceramic layer matching your teeth color. These prostheses look aesthetically and are quite strong, but have one disadvantage: metal inside the crown prevents the light from penetrating, therefore dental prosthesis looks a bit unnaturally compering with metal-free ceramics crown. Besides, around the metal ceramics crown in a long distance may occur a dark streak above the gum. Single tooth or a row of defected teeth may be applied with prosthesis of metal ceramics.


Metal ceramics

Metal-free ceramics

Metal-free ceramics prostheses are made of ceramics without any metal. Such prostheses absorb light, so they look naturally and aesthetically, therefore they are recommended for front teeth prosthesis. Metal-free ceramics prostheses are used only to restore individual defected front teeth.


Metal-free ceramics

Zirconium oxide ceramics

Zirconium ceramics prostheses look very aesthetically and are very strong. Their base is zirconium oxide frame which is light, firm and has natural tooth color, therefore such prostheses look very natural. Zirconium ceramics prostheses are stronger than the ones made of metal-free ceramics and instead of dark metal frame is used zirconium oxide firm white frame. Is such a way aesthetic look and firm crown construction is guaranteed. It is used to restore defected lateral, front, individual teeth as well as many teeth.


Zirconium oxide ceramics prosthesis

Dental inlays and onlays

If tooth crown is severely damaged and sealing is not an effective solution, we offer the missing part of the tooth to restore with porcelain inlay or onlay. In each case the color is chosen individually. Besides, in such a way a patient avoids polishing procedure or fixing a new crown. It is really a great solution that allows patient to save money and time. Inlays and onlays ensures long-lasting and aesthetic restoration.


Tooth onlay


Dental implants perform teeth roots function. Threaded implant heals about 3 – 6 months and after the healing period prosthesis process is started. Prosthesis support is attached to implant and dental prosthesis is started to be made.

Our clinic uses the following prosthesis and implants:

  • Metal ceramics crowns and bridges;
  • Metal-free ceramics bridges;
  • Zirconium oxide ceramics crown;
  • Removable prosthesis (dental plates).


In the left you can see prosthesis support, in the right – metal ceramics crown.


Lateral morals attached to metal ceramics crowns fixed to implant


All lower jaw teeth attached to implants


Relevant services

Teeth whitening

Our clinic performs teeth whitening procedure in the dentist cabinet by using Phillips Zoom teeth whitening system. We also provide teeth whitening at home service by using


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