Teeth jewelry

Teeth jewelry will provide your smile will with more attractiveness and extravagance. Result of a procedure is stunning – you gain an original smile. Our clinic offers different types of jewelry which you can choose according to your taste and style.

With teeth jewelry you can hide small front teeth non-caries defects, such as fluorozine or pigment stains and enamel hypoplasia. However, in no cases can be decorated unhealthy and decayed tooth. Decoration is also not recommended having changes in gum, having tartar or oral mucosa disease.

It is easy, absolutely painless and quick procedure which lasts no longer than 20 minute.

Jewelry is glued on healthy tooth enamel and has no damage to your teeth.

Teeth jewelry are small in size and thin (about 0.5-1 mm), their presence usually is felt for first couple days. Later they do not cause any discomfort when eating, talking or brushing teeth.

The jewelry can be easily removed. It is absolutely unpainful and quick procedure after which the surface of teeth stays plain and undamaged.


What to know and how to behave after the procedure?

  • Glued jewelry can hold on the surface of the tooth from couple months to one year. If jewelry is lost, it is recommended to visit a dentist, who would remove (by polishing) remaining glued material layer.
  • In order the jewelry stays attached for a longer time, it is important to carefully take care of your oral hygiene and to control your diet habits. It is recommended to avoid gross food products and do not touch the jewelry with hands.
  • If a patient with a jewelry on his or her tooth drinks a lot of coffee or smokes a lot, after removing the jewelry can occur very vivid discoloration. Is such a case, in order to eliminate changes in color, it is recommended to whiten all teeth.


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