Professional oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is a very important aspect of our health. You need professional oral hygiene if you regularly complain of having bad breath, your teeth are moving or if your gum is bleeding and you have a lot of plaque that is difficult to remove.

Professional hygiene is also recommended before dental treatment: prosthesis, endodontic, orthodontic treatment, sealing, teeth whitening, oral surgery, implant dentistry and so on.

Professional oral hygiene procedure is a mechanical way to remove bacterial plaque and tartar, including toxins accumulated on the surfaces of teeth. These procedures are performed by dentist or dental hygienist.

Our clinic uses the following methods for professional hygiene procedures:

  • manual instruments (curettes);
  • ultrasonic scaler;
  • “Air Flow” apparatus;
  • polishing paste.

Manual instruments (curettes) is special sharp and thin instruments, which are used by dentist or dental hygienist to remove plaque and tartar from tooth surface.

Ultrasonic scaler is a special device which produces high frequency oscillations which help to clean teeth surfaces effectively – it removes soft and hard teeth plaque and plaque above the gum.


Ultrasonic scaler

“Air–flow” is one of the newest method to remove dental plaque. It is an excellent and unpainful way to remove nicotine, coffee and tea plaque and to whiten your teeth. Strong flow of air, water and medical soda powder directed perpendicular to the tooth surface quickly and without pain removes accumulated plaque. This method is special, because the tooth surface is cleaned at a distance, so hard tooth tissues and gum remains undamaged. After the procedure with “Air Flow” you’ll be surprised by your naturally bright smile, comfort and tidiness in your mouth.


“Air Flow” apparatus

Teeth polishing with pasta is a procedure that finishes professional oral hygiene overall procedure. Poor aesthetical look and soft plaque are the main reasons to use polishing. It is absolutely unpainful procedure.

Positive polishing aspects:

  • Provides teeth beautiful aesthetic look.
  • Pleasant feeling of slippery teeth in your mouth.
  • Polishes tooth surface, so less plaque accumulates and to clean teeth with toothbrush is easier.
  • Increases orthodontic procedure effectiveness.

After professional oral hygiene procedures, you will enjoy comfort and tidiness feeling in your mouth. You will be personally recommended what oral hygiene products to use (toothpaste, mouthwash and so on).

This professional oral hygiene procedure is performed during one or more visits. This procedure must be performed at least two times a year and you will protect yourself from severe diseases.

Remember that:

Oral hygiene is a daily oral care performed by every person by using personal hygiene products. It is very important to teach children about oral hygiene, to develop their habits and skills related to it.

Early children teaching how to clean teeth properly is very important, because the formation of deciduous teeth has impact on permanent teeth condition. Regular teeth checking also influences long-lasting good oral condition.

To use only mechanical plaque removing products sometimes is insufficient, you also need effective chemical substances that reduces plaque. They are in toothpastes, mouthwashes, interdental floss. These products contain chemical substances that gradually release and create stable environment. You should use a wide variate of chemical antimicrobial substances, but at the same time you should prevent yourself from damaging mouth ecosystem balance in order to protect normal flora, so these substances should be without toxins and do not have side effects.


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