Oral surgery

Surgeons in our clinics perform the following procedures:

  • abscess incision
  • tooth pulling;
  • unerupted tooth pulling (retinite, wisdom teeth);
  • hemisection;
  • root apex resection;
  • mucosal tissue around the wisdom teeth cutting and bandaging;
  • surgical clinical tooth crown extension;
  • bone augmentation (extension) procedures;
  • jaws bony growths removal;
  • odontogenic cyst of the jaws removal;
  • benign oral soft tissue structures removal;
  • implant dentistry.


In “Evadenta” clinic oral surgeries are performed by oral surgeons L. Ketvirtis and M. Ablingis.



Relevant services

Teeth whitening

Our clinic performs teeth whitening procedure in the dentist cabinet by using Phillips Zoom teeth whitening system. We also provide teeth whitening at home service by using


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