Tooth canal treatment

Endodontics is an area which specializes in tooth root canal treatment. The purpose of endodontic treatment is to destroy all microorganisms in root canals system and to protect the tooth and the surrounding tissues from infection.


Endodontic treatment is necessary when pulp in a root canal (pulp is a part of the tooth, the small tangle inside the tooth made from vessels, nerves and lymphatic vessels) has an inflammation or infection. Infection or inflammation occurs for various reasons: due to untreated decay, tooth fractures and on the top of dental restorations (sealants). Trauma of the tooth may undermine pulp even if a tooth externally looks healthy and without fractures. If pulp is damaged and untreated, it can cause tooth pain and fasten abscess formation.


After endodontic treatment the natural tooth is preserved and chewing function is restored.

More information about root canal treatment you can find on our website.



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